Full and Partial Dentures

Kari Ryan Dentistry

If you are missing teeth but have been told that you don’t qualify for dental implants or implant-supported partials and dentures, don’t fret. Full and partial dentures from Kari Ryan Dentistry aren’t like denture-mill false teeth. Maybe you think of dentures as the standardized artificial teeth that can slip and pinch. Not ours! The set we make for you are custom-designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. We take everything into account like your:

  • Gender
  • Face shape
  • What you want your smile to look like when they are in place

We even make sure that your tooth replacements balance your bite, helping to relieve the common jaw discomfort and TMJ disorder that dentures can cause. We suggest implant-supported dentures and partials. They replace both the tooth and the root to keep your bone stimulated and your palate uncovered so you look and feel great. Even if you have been told that you don’t qualify for implants because of bone loss, give us a call. We’d love to discuss how implants might be possible through bone augmentation and innovations like All-on-Four implant-retained dentures.