Kari Ryan Dentistry

Oh, those dreaded words: “You have a cavity and need a filling.” We understand how disappointing that can be to hear. Finding out that you need a cavity repaired is never exciting, but we have great news! We do not fix teeth with those ugly, old-fashioned, less-than-healthy metal fillings you used to dislike so much when you were a kid. Why? Not only do we hate making our patients sad, but old-fashioned fillings are also an amalgam made up of metals – including Mercury! Plus, these metals can shift with the temperature changes that happen whenever you drink and eat hot or cold beverages and foods, exposing the inside of your tooth to bacteria. It’s why we so often find more decay under old fillings. Instead, Dr. Ryan and her team use gorgeous, biocompatible, tooth-colored composite material to fill your cavities and beautify your smile. So don’t frown when you hear you need a cavity filling – turn to Kari Ryan Dentistry for tooth-colored fillings that will blend into your smile and keep your teeth safe and strong for years to come.