Dental Crowns

Kari Ryan Dentistry

Those who have had it happen know what it’s like: You are munching some popcorn… playing ball with your kids… or even clenching your teeth in your sleep, when you bite down on a kernel, catch a ball in the mouth, break a restoration, and suddenly all you can think about is your broken tooth! It hurts, it looks bad, and it is so rough it irritates your tongue when you talk. Now, you might anticipate a bunch of inconvenience – multiple visits to the dentist, gooey impressions to be taken, strange-looking temporaries to wear until your new crowns are created by a lab. Well not here! Kari Ryan Dentistry knows exactly what it’s like to be busy and not want unforeseen dental problems to cause major disruptions in your schedule. It’s why we have invested in CEREC technology, so you can get your crowns in one visit. That’s right! With CEREC technology we can take digital impressions using a comfortable wand instead of sticky, gag-inducing mold material. These impressions go straight to a program in which Dr. Ryan will design your crown with CAD/CAM technology. The crown is then milled out of pure porcelain right here in our office, shaded and detailed to fit you perfectly, and bonded permanently into place all in one easy visit.
Our crowns are the perfect way to:

  • Rebuild broken teeth
  • Strengthen weak teeth
  • Restore decayed teeth
  • Replace extra-large metal fillings
  • Seal and protect teeth after a root canal
  • Create a brand new tooth for a bridge or an implant

“It’s awesome because patients don’t have to come back for the second appointment, they don’t have to wear a temporary crown; they get the tooth when they leave. It saves time and people love it!” – Dr. Kari Ryan