Kari Ryan Dentistry

Missing even a few teeth is a miserable experience. It can severely affect your confidence; leave remaining teeth vulnerable to shifting; and create a gap that collects food, feels sensitive, and increase your risk for gum disease. Dental bridges from Kari Ryan Dentistry in Mt. Pleasant can replace your teeth, restore your confidence, and keep you healthy for decades to come. We offer both traditional bridges attached to and supported by abutment teeth, as well as implant-supported bridges. Traditional bridges are made up of one or more crowns, depending on your situation, and bonded to prepared remaining teeth. Implant-retained bridges consist of one or more crowns attached to implant posts, surgically placed into your jaw bone for superior stability and function. Both methods give you back the beauty, comfort, and function of your smile. Since they are custom designed just for you by our artistic dentists, you can be sure that they will look so natural, most people will never know you were missing teeth at all!