Kari Ryan Dentistry

After talking about oral cancer, we think it is important to let you know that, here at Kari Ryan Dentistry, we understand that traditional dental x-rays could possibly increase your risk for oral cancer. The Oral Cancer Foundation states, “Radiographs regularly taken during examinations, and at the dental office are safe, but remember that radiation exposure is cumulative over a lifetime. It has been implicated in several head and neck cancers.”

That’s why we have invested in digital x-rays for our precious Mt. Pleasant patients.

Digital x-rays offer up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays while still allowing us to get a look at what could never be detected with the naked eye or even an intraoral camera.

Digital x-rays let us:

  • Detect cavities or signs of decay under the surface of or between teeth
  • Discover decay under an old filling
  • Identify problems with wisdom teeth
  • Ascertain bone loss
  • Diagnose abscess, cysts, tumors, or infections

We also utilize panoramic x-rays to get a full view of your head, neck, and jaw, as well as 3D Cone-beam CT.