Kari Ryan Dentistry

We love our technology…but it’s mostly because we love our patients! Investing in the latest and greatest dental technology helps us make your dental care more effective, more comfortable, and much more convenient. And sometimes, it even offers amazing educational opportunities!

Our intraoral camera is a favorite with everyone – our staff, kids, teens, and curious adults. Why? With the touch of a tiny, pen-shaped instrument, we are able to see an enlargement of every detail in your mouth. Plus all of your personal images can be saved right on our chairside computers to provide a permanent record of care and allow for comparison from visit to visit.

And don’t forget about our soft-tissue lasers! These highly effective lasers heal as they work, eliminating the need for cutting or sutures during gum recontouring, crown lengthening, or frenectomies. Plus, they can offer relief and shorten the healing time of painful cold sores and lesions!

It’s dentistry at its practical and progressive best.