Kari Ryan Dentistry

Sure they may sound clinical, but our dental hygiene visits are so comfortable and pampering and we treat our patients with so much tender loving care that some of our Mt. Pleasant patients actually can’t wait to get their teeth cleaned. Of course, they love the experience of relaxation that comes with any visit to Kari Ryan Dentistry, but what they really can’t get enough of is how fresh, clean, and sparkling their smiles are after each professional cleaning. Not only does a professional cleaning brighten your smile, but it also removes all of the nasty bacterial buildup that you just can’t get rid of at home. Our hygienists use Piezo ultrasonic scalers – the latest and greatest in professional cleaning devices – to get your teeth their absolutely cleanest, even under the gum line and between teeth, comfortably and efficiently. And because these ultrasonic devices use sound waves along with a soothing jet of water to clean your teeth, there is no scraping required! We think it will be the gentlest cleaning you have ever had.