Fluoride Treatments

Kari Ryan Dentistry

Almost everything you do can have a negative effect on your smile. From your morning smoothie to your pick-me-up snack of coke and pretzels, food and drinks, even healthy ones, feed acid-producing bacteria and disrupt your enamel. Add to that the damage that happens when you bite your nails, crunch on ice, or clench your teeth when stressed or sleeping, and it might look like your teeth are in trouble all the time! That’s why we recommend fluoride treatments, especially for kids, at every cleaning. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring substance that helps protect your precious tooth enamel by remineralizing it, making it more resistant to these acid attacks, strengthening it against damage, and helping to prevent and sometimes even reverse early decay. And while most kinds of toothpaste and mouth rinse contain fluoride, it might not be quite enough to protect your teeth from the modern diet. Why risk your smile? Ask us about how the topical application of fluoride after your cleaning can help protect your teeth, lessen sensitivity, and keep your smile in top shape.