Tooth Recontouring

Kari Ryan Dentistry

Another one-visit cosmetic treatment that offers dramatic results? Yes, indeed! Aesthetic tooth recontouring is one of the safest, most comfortable, least invasive ways to smooth away imperfections and help your smile look even, balanced, and elegant – usually without the need for any anesthetic or anesthesia. Just lean back in one of our comfortable chairs, pop on a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and relax while all minor imperfections are burnished away. Whether you have ridges, chips, or sharp and jagged teeth that irritate your delicate oral tissue; your teeth have minor breaks and chips from clenching and grinding; or you have minor irregularities that you find embarrassing like pits, cracks, or overly long teeth; gentle and effective tooth recontouring from Kari Ryan Dentistry can remove rough edges, refine both appearance and texture, and bring balance and uniformity to any smile. Our dentists use the same kind of precision burr used by fine jewelers to remove tiny imperfections and bring out the luster of precious metals. Combine this precision tool with our team’s artistry and experience, and you’ll have a smile you can show off right away!