Composite Bonding

Kari Ryan Dentistry

The crack in your front tooth that makes you feel so self-conscious. The irritating sensitivity and darkness at your gumline. The black-looking metal filling that keeps you from laughing with abandon. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life less joyful and comfortable, but they don’t have to! With the art of composite bonding, we can renew your smile and increase your confidence in one, easy, painless visit. Composite bonding is our go-to for all the touch-ups, big or small, your smile could ever need. We simply talk to you about what you want, shade or brighten the bonding material to naturally match your surrounding teeth, and apply! Because composite bonding is shaped and sculpted directly on your tooth, it is important to choose a caring and meticulous dentist like Dr. Ryan or Dr. Dillard to complete your dental bonding and ensure that it will look perfectly beautiful and complement your appearance. Your smile will thank you!